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The renewable energy industry is growing rapidly, and a renewable energy career path starts with training. UNITRONIX TRAINING ACADEMY specializes in training the renewable energy workforce.
  • Skill level:All level
  • Location:Distance Learning OR Online
  • CertificateYES
  • Duration4 Day
  • Language:English UK
  • AssessmentsYES
  • Lecture4
  • Cource Fee:#95,000


Power is a pecuniary problem not only in the African continent but also in Nigeria. Lack of basic electricity has denied lots of economic development and growth individually and as a country. UNITRONIX ACADEMY is an antidote to the twin problem of unemployment and electricity. It has an instant multiplier effect on the economy and is capable of providing lots of jobs directly and indirectly. According to International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), solar, hydro, wind and other sources of energy keep about 9.2 million people employed.

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  • Curriculum
  • Who Should Attend
  • Learning Outcome
  • Apply

This is the basic course for a career in the solar industry. It all starts with the fundamentals, and a solid understanding of various components, system architectures, and applications for PV systems. Other topics include site analysis, system sizing, array configuration, and performance estimation; electrical design characteristics such as wiring, overcurrent protection, and grounding; a detailed look at module and inverter specifications and characteristics; mounting methods for various roof structures and ground-mounts.

Unit 1: An Introduction to RenewableEnergy in Nigeria


Energy Challenges in Nigeria

Status of Renewable Energy in Nigeria

Solar Energy in Nigeria

Unit 1 Exercises

Unit 2: Solar Energy - The Basic Physics

The Solar Resource

Solar Energy Conversionp

Unit 2 Exercises

Unit 3: Photovoltaic Systems

From Micro PV to Utility Scale

PV System Components

Solar Lanterns

Solar Home Systems

Unit 3 Exercises

Unit 4: Solar Home System Sizing

Introduction to system sizing

A Sample Design Situation

Steps in System Sizing Process

Load Assessment

PV Module Sizing

Battery Sizing

Charge Controller Sizing

Inverter Sizing

Wire Sizing

Sunshine Hours Method

Unit 4 Exercises

Unit 5: PV System Installation

Site Assessment

Preparation for installation

PV Array Installation

Connection of the Charge Controller

Battery Installation

Unit 5 Exercises

Unit 6: Solar Water Pumping

Introduction to Basic Solar Water Pumping

Applications of Solar Water Pumping

Main Components of the Solar Water

Pumping System

Sizing & Designing a Solar Water

Main Components of the Solar Water

Pumping System installations

Unit 6 Exercises

Unit 7: Safety Precautions, Basic Maintenance & Trouble Shooting Of PV Systems

Site Risk and Hazard Assessment

Safety Precautions

Maintenance of System Components

Unit 7 Exercises & Troubleshooting Guidance

Unit 7: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




Designing/Developing Engineers

Manufacturers and product developers

Installation Engineers and techicians

Marketers and Distributors

Solar Energy Promoters

Professional Trainers.

Independent Consultants

Sales, Marketers and Distributors

Construction and project managers

Technical support team

Project developers and Investors

NYSC Members , Students much more!

After these trainings it is expected that participants should be capable of designing and implementing solar power solutions. As an outcome they might;

Design and size up systems and sell to manufacturers

Provide installation and maintenance services

Become advocates of a solar powered Nigeria.

Distribute solar solutions

Supply electricity through micro grids

Produce themselves.

Our corporate strategy has always addressed the best method for quality and efficient service delivery, reward for good and safe performance and the fostering of productive team spirit among staff and other stakeholders. To this extent, our focus is always placed on the following;

INTERGRITY:We conduct all business with the highest ethical practices.

QUALITY:We deliver services that are fit for purposes and exceed customer expectations.

CUSTOMER:We are customer-focused and seek to create value for our customers.

ONE TEAM:We are all part of one team with an overall company focus, and we do what is best for the greater good of the organization.

ACCOUNTABILITY:We give responsibility, authority, tools and resources to our employees, then demand quality performance.

RESPECT FOR INDIVIDUALS:We respect each individual by giving fair and consistent treatment to all persons regardless of background, experience, education, race, religion, gender, national origin, capability, sexual orientation and age.

SAFE WORK ENVIROMENT:We strive to create a safe work environment by encouraging employees to be proactive versus reactive on all safety issues.We have professionals with decades of experience and expertise waiting to guide you through the design, planning, sourcing, and packaging of all the materials you need from start to finish.

The maximization of the efficient use and application of available resources.

Operation of transparent and mutually rewarding contract relationships with customers.

A continuous review of performance and implementation of new plans as an ultimate objective of advancing and satisfying costumer’s needs and interests.

Application of effective contract management procedures and cost effective methods to generate required results and good value for money.

Structuring and organizing more flexible system with capacity to respond to ever changing operational needs and exigencies.Sustaining planned safety tasks and targets.

Ours is a well established corporate outfit with versatile exposition and well oriented staff with high spirit of management and inter personal relationships. We have core team of competent and experienced hands who have worked with notable construction companies in Nigeria. Therefore, guaranteeing a high quality products and work to satisfy our client.

Who We Are

UNITRONIX TRAINING ACADEMY is a leading training institute and center for anyone interested in Renewable energy and solar energy in Nigeria. We offer standard hands-on and theoretical training designed to bring beginners to a professional level in solar Photovoltaics principles, design and installation. We train you on solar power system installation and Inverter system installation anywhere in Nigeria.

We have assembled the best solar technology experts from Nigeria and the manufacturers from Asia to teach you how to install complete solar and inverter system and also how to diagnose and fix errors.

Opportunities and careers

  • Grid Designers and engineers
  • Construction and project managers
  • anufacturing,
  • product development, R&D
  • Installers ans technicians
  • Project developers and finance
  • Investors
  • Sales, marketing


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Cource Fee

  • N95,000 (N49,999 for early bird registration)
  • Early bird registration ends by 12:00am on 31 December, 2020
  • With early bird registration you get N45,000 discount Training fee must be paid in full before training commencement date
  • Very Limited Seats Available.
  • Training presentations (Soft copies MANUAL) Practical / Hands-on engagement Examination Certificate of Completion Participants will also join our Alumni group for on-going support after the training

What happens after registration?

Send payment confirmation to email info@unitronixglobal.com or WhatsApp 08060605162 to secure your slot at the training


SUCESSFULL solar professionals starts with QUALITY TRAING


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